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This is the NPC type of Discordia, for the monster, click here
Discordia without his mask.

Discordia is a brilliant and wonderful musician. He was just writing the ultimate song which would win him the hearts of everyone who heard it, when Drakath appeared and offered him a "powerful shortcut" by Chaorrupting him to which Discordia accepted. Now he can use his written songs to not only win the hearts and minds of people, but control them as well. Because of this, the residents of Mythsong Canyon have become suspicious and believe he is trying to stop its annual music festival, Lorestockapalooza, from going down. Don Giovanni has even heard that there is a way to break Discordia's control over people's minds, but he just doesn't know what it is. It later turns out that he has been making the people he took control of into his own fan club of millions of Music Pirates and is now headed for Lorestockapalooza where it turns out his own Chaos Beast sleeps.

However, all of this is false and it turns out that he wasn't the true Lord of Chaos after all, he was being controlled by the True Sixth Lord of Chaos, Kimberly who had used Discordia as her proxy all along.

Important Text

Mythsong War Beginning Cutscene

  • Discordia: My loyal fans... the world showed no compassion to me. Chaos alone can make my song take flight. Help me make my music become the night.
  • Discordia: The Chaos Beast grows restless in slumber as Lorestockapalooza draws nigh. With its powers, my music will Chaorrupt Mythsong-and Lore shall become mine! We are past the point of no return; victory awaits!
  • Discordia: I give you my music, to make your powers take wing. Obey your master. My music compels you to comply.
  • Discordia: Or you will curse the day you did not do all that Chaos Lord Discordia asked of you!
  • Pirates: Arrrr!

After defeating Discordia

  • Hero: OK Discordia, you've been defeated and you didn't even get to summon your Chaos Beast! (Whatever it was.)
  • Kimberly: SHAME ON YOU! What do you have to say for yourself?

Discordia's mask falls off

  • Discordia: What....what happened?
  • Hero: You have played your last concert Chaos Lord!
  • Discordia: Chaos Lord????? The last thing I remember was working on one of my compositions and then... then I heard this music....
  • Kimberly: It was good, right? Like, the best you've ever heard? Ever?
  • Discordia: ...I felt my willpower seeping away. I was becoming hypnotized... by... YOU!
  • Discordia points in the Hero's direction
  • Hero: Me? I never...
  • Discordia: No.. HER!
  • Kimberly laughs
  • Hero: Wait... you're THE REAL CHAOS LORD!?
  • Kimberly appears from behind a curtain with her band
  • Kimberly: Hi hero! I'm still Kimberly of One-Eyed Doll! But it looks like you've figured out that I am the REAL Chaos Lord. Awww. That's OK. I'll just have to destroy you... then we can be friends!
  • One-Eyed Doll band begins rocking


  • He is named after the goddess of strife, Eris, who also shares the same other name with him.
  • His appearance, including his mask, along with his speeches, are based on Erik, the titular character of Gaston Leroux's novel "The Phantom of the Opera".
  • His Chaos weapon is a Chaorrupted purple rose with a purplish gray stem.
  • His outfit resembles a Chaorrupted version of the Shadow Weaver and Vampire Emissary armors with the addition of a long skirt covering his pant-covered legs.
  • When he was first mentioned by the Great Godfather of Souls, AQW players began to think that Discordia would be the second female Chaos Lord after Xing and Xang. Eventually, Quibble Coinbiter's talk about Discordia, followed by the players' first glimpse at him in the cutscene after completing Don Giovanni's quests, proved otherwise.
  • It's unknown what happened to Discordia after he was revealed to be a fake Chaos Lord being controlled by Kimberly.