Dew Drop

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Dew Drop


Fearie and Mobius =D


Time Travel Faerie

Important text

It was nice knowing you.(Note:Time Traveling Fairies go through time backwards.So the first moment you meet one, is the last time they see you. Who knows what crazy adventure you two went trough in the future.Check back next week to find out!)

Before finishing Mobius Quests

  • Who are you? How do I know I can trust you? Until you show some proof, from people I trust, you cannot be of aid to me.

After doing Mobius Quests

  • I am the Guardian of this Forest - my task is to keep these lands free of harm. This so-called Lord of Chaos, this Escherion, has sent creatures with saws in to cut down the trees, the basis of my power.


  • With every tree that is destroyed, my power weakens. I must protect the Tree of Life at all costs. If it is destroyed, if Escherion succeeds in having it cut down, all life in this forest will cease... including my own.
  • I see that you already hold one piece of the fabled Runix Cube. I have another. It has been passed down through the generations. All we have been told is that it is one part of three... and very powerful.


  • If you can save the Tree of Life, you will prove to me that you are brave enough to faced down even the most horrible of creatures. Are you brave enough to save our Forest?

After finishing all of her Quests

  • You have done it! The Tree of Life is safe. You have saved my people, and all creatures within this Forest. Return to Mobius secure in the knowlege that you have saved countless lives with your actions today.
  • As you have shown yourself to be brave and honorable in saving our Forest, we now trust you with the second piece of the Runix Cube.
  • Return to Renn and Zio in Mobius with this piece of the Runix Cube. They will advise you further. Thank you again for saving our Forest, you will be ever welcome here.


  • Shop -Removed
  • Quests




she wears a dress which can be found in the new shop