Desterrat Moya

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Desterrat Moya
Level: 35
HP: 76,625
MP: 100
Difficulty: 3 stars
Exp: depends on your level
Class Points: depends on your rank
Gold: depends on your level
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items:
Quest Items: Not Set
Location: Banished
  • Desterrat Moya is a parody of Cthulhu.
  • Desterrat Moya is an ancient being that has been around before Lore's pantheon came into view. Desterrat Moya fought the Gods of Lore and lost. Recently, the Undead that still have free will have been praying to Desterrat Moya to free them from their masters.
  • A glitch made it have only 8,995 HP if someone had Vial Of Awakening and Void transport spell
  • Randomly Stun you on attacks, making it risky to being soloed even by Elemental Dracomancers.
  • Cannot be Stunned, or Petrified.