Defense Turret

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Defense Turret
Level: 99
HP: 4,258
MP: 100
Difficulty: 5 stars
Exp: Depends on your level.
Class Points: Depends on your rank.
Gold: Depends on your level.
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items: None
Quest Items: Not Set
Location: Hyperium

  • If you have finished "Grand Theft Loco-motive", they will not be aggressive.
  • They can be killed. A large group of people works. Ninja skills can blind them as an aid. Possibility for people to disable them while others are attacking. Rogue and Renegade have been proven to be able to solo these turrets.
  • The easiest way to get past the Turrets is to evade their attacks (they are just monsters after all). For a strategy, check here
  • Pressing both buttons will also disable them.
  • Gives 1,054 xp at level 34.
  • One way to get past the turrets is constantly jumping after you press the gold arrow to move to the next area (spacebar is jump)