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This is a Special Offer item.
This item is unlocked by either purchasing an out-of-game item or completing a special offer.

Male and Female Defender Class


  • Level: 1
  • Upgrade Required: No
  • Description: As renown protectors of alternate universes, Defenders understand the sacrifices one must make during combat. Loyal to their brethren, Defenders will see to it that what they start is always concluded in victory.
  • Location: Star Captain Shop, DragonLord Shop, or Guardian Shop - Guardian Tower
  • Buy: 5,000 gold
  • Sell: 1,250 gold

Class Overview

Defenders are stoic, intensely loyal fighters.

Mana Regeneration: Defenders gain mana when they:

  • Strike an enemy in combat (More effective on crits)
  • Are struck by an enemy in combat

Favorable Stats:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Dexterity


Auto Attack.png

Auto Attack

Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Use: Attacks continuously until either target or player is dead.

Mana Cost: 0

Unlocks at: Rank 1

Recharge Time: 2 secs

Commanding Strike.png

Commanding Strike

Description: Deals moderate damage and forces the target to turn its attention on you for 6 seconds

Use: Deals moderate damage, target will only attack you for the next 6 seconds.

Mana Cost: 10

Unlocks at rank: 1

Recharge Time: 3 seconds

Crushing Sweep.png

Crushing Sweep

Description: Strikes up to 2 targets in melee range, dealing light damage. Also applies Crushed, reducing the targets outgoing damage by 15% and increasing incoming damage by 10%. Lasts ten seconds.

Use: Attacks 2 targets within attack range and giving +10% damage and 10% damage resistance to the user for 10 seconds, also applying Crushed.

Mana Cost: 20

Unlocks at rank: 2

Recharge Time: 4 seconds



Description: If the target is a monster, this attack deals damage based on the amount of damage that the monster has done in the current fight. Deals moderate damage to players.

Use: If you are fighting outside of PvP, you will deal damage based on how much damage the monster did, else, you will do moderate damage.

Mana Cost: 25

Unlocks at rank: 3

Recharge Time: 5 seconds

Guardian's Oath.png

Defender's Oath

Description: Heals a friendly target for a small amount. also applies Safeguard, absorbing all incoming damage up to an amount based on Attack Power. Lasts 8 seconds

Use: Heals 1 player and give temporary invincibility for 8 seconds.

Mana Cost: 30

Unlocks at rank: 5

Recharge Time: 30 seconds

Passive Skills

Unlocks at Rank: 4

Passive Skill.png


Passive Ability: Critical strike chance increased by 10%

Passive Skill.png

Founder's Mark

Passive Ability: Endurance increased by 15%


  • If you are not targeting a player, you will heal yourself with Defender's Oath
  • The skill "Guardian's Oath" was renamed to "Defender's Oath".
  • Defender's Oath has no heal animation.
  • Commanding Strike and Crushing Sweep both deal 75% weapon damage.
  • Auto attack deals 100% weapon damage.
  • Defender's Oath healing is based on weapon damage/weapon range.
  • There is a rare color custom version of this armor called "Aurus Via Armor" It's base is color custom.
  • is for Non-members.
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