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Image-Broken Deady.jpeg
Deady on Friday the 13th



A broken teddy bear who assists Voltaire. Deady is also a main character of his title role from


  • Voltaire's character page contains his pet named "Bootleg Deady. You can buy 2 pet types of Deady (along with Deady house item shop) if you have purchased the Deady Toy with promo code.
  • He wanted to be all powerful again so he turned himself into a monster with Voltaire's hat, but is defeated by the hero and returns to his original form.
  • It appears that he actually is named Ukor Malravenus, is from the planet Necronus, and can turn into a big skull with pointy teeth and chaos-looking tentacles, or "that giant skull, tentacle undead alien thing" according to the hero.
  • In the live event which dealt with Lord Krom Wrath and his Necronians, Deady was voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas.