Dage the Good (NPC)

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Dage the Good (NPC)
High Lord of the Legion of Light
Text: Before Completing Gravelyn The Good's Quests:

Are you one of Alteon's agent? Seeing into your soul is… strange. Backwards somehow. If you want to help our cause go speak with Gravelyn in BrightFall!
After completing Gravelyn the Good's Quests: Greetings! I wish the Overworld was in a better state to greet someone as important as you but the Evil King Alteon has been storming the gates of the Overworld for months now, and it's only gotten worse. He will have your egg with him.

When you click "Talk":

  • I was once the Archangel student of Nulgath. He taught me much of what I know from Soul Magic. When he sacrified himself by flying into closing the portal that was threatening to swallow our world, I took up his charge and, using that I learned from him, became one of the most powerful forces of Good in this world.

After completing Dage the Good's Quests: You have done much to drive the forces of Evil King Alteon away from the gates of the Oerworld Proper. You are welcome to join my Legion of Light and fight by my side whenever you want. Untill then, know that we keep the celestial dragon egg safe for you in the Mirror Realm.

  • Clicking Talk says the same thing as after completing Gravelyn the Good's Quests.
Location: /join Overworld
Services: *Mirror Realm Merge
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