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Disc:curry location:SleutHound Inn Shop:Curry's shop Note:You can do all his quest to have plum costeum...


As I was running from the monsters, I seem to have dropped my keys in the process. The only way to get into the NINE main rooms is with those keys! Within the NINE rooms, you will find one of my trusted employees that may have clues as to whodunit.

Solve Mystery

Check Clues

If all wrong

Are you clueless?

If one right

I think you need to look for more clues.

If two right

You know what? That is a good possibility.


If all right

Amazing sleuthing skills, young adventurer! Let's go apprehend the suspect!

Get the Suspect

cutscene starts

during cutscene: I can't believe you dunit! How dare you do this to the SleuthHound Inn!

An Armoire?!