Cleric Dawn

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Cleric Dawn



A cleric that greets adventurers.

Important text

Old Text: Welcome to the incredibly safe town of swordhaven! I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay...Oh I nearly forgot this letter arrived for you-Its from the King If you want to know what more you can do in the game, just ask

New Text: Welcome to Swordhaven-Home of King Alteon! Even gravely wounded he has extended hand to Sepulchure's Daughter, to help her in her time of need.Please-go to the Castle to see how you can help


You can use your map to travel around the world Here, let me show you where it is.See that world button to the lower right of your screen, thats your map!


Help? Great I would love some...

Valencia in Battleon can tell you everything that works on your screen.I can tell you about Commands, Keyboard shortcuts and Emotes.Shall we get started?Remember the enter key activates your chat boxand scroll it with the scroll wheel(limited space)


Emotes-character actions

  • /backflip
  • /cry
  • /bow
  • /dance
  • /dance2
  • /feign
  • /jump
  • /laugh
  • /lol
  • /punt
  • /point
  • /rest
  • /wave
  • /sleep
  • /swordplay
  • /use
  • /unsheath
  • /salute


Keyboard Shortcuts

U-(who/list of players in your area)

L-(quest log-brings up your list of quests)

I-(inventory-opens up your inventory)

T-(Target/assist player-if you select a player then press "t" you will select the monster he/she is attacking.Also works for healing a selected monster opponent)

1/2/3/4/5/-(available to your skills from left to right)



  • /join "roomname" - #### (a number higher than 1000 will give you a private instance)
  • /tell player - (also w/ or player name)
  • /r - (reply to lat player who lat PMd you)
  • /ignore player - (blocks all messages and goto)
  • /unignore player
  • /me actions - (/me or /e)
  • /rest
  • /who - (who else are the players in your area)
  • /goto player - (teleport to a player instantly - dos'ent work on staff)


Chapter One

  • Swordhaven is under attack by Sepulchure's Army of Undead! You are the hero who saved the princess right? Quickly... you must get to the castle!



Portal rotating quests

  • Gold Digger (tuesday and friday, under daily button)
  • Lodes of Gold (wednesday and saturday, under daily button)
  • Fire Gem (monday and thursday, under daily button) same as Portalundead one, you can turn it in there too.

Sunday no quest?



  • She had now been taken away and replaced by three of the Skeletal Fire mages, but then was returned to her original position by the portal. Some players had said that Cleric Dawn had possibly gone missing and had possibly been taken by Sepulchure's forces, but this appears to be untrue. Cleric Dawn is at the new entrance to Swordhaven (Portalundead)

She is one of the three cleric sisters who are named after Dish soap. Joy, Dawn, and Cascade.