Chuckles Skull

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Chuckles Skull
The laughs just keep on rolling he is pretty funny... you know for a dead guy!
Level Required: 1
Member Only: No
Founder Only: No
Location: Code from Save Chuckles T-Shirt.
Buy Price: Save Chuckles T-Shirt. Item price=

  • Third non-member pet in the game available to public , first is Dark Wolf and second is the Balloon Dragon from JACON, fourth is the Chibi White Tiger.
  • The Chuckles Skull sends you on a quest to bring Chuckles back from the undead, making him undead-dead? Death challenges you to make him laugh, or be sent to the void. Your character will make him laugh, and he will toss you Chuckles head.
  • You don't receive a Chuckles pet upon quest completion
  • More quests are coming in the chain
Chuckle skull.png

  • If you click the Chuckles skull twice really fast while hes laughing he spins around until you move.
  • After you do quest the ! disapears and you can't do the quests again till a new quest comes out.
  • He looks scared.
  • Has a quest called Save Chuckles.