Chaos Lord Xiang

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This is the Monster type of Xiang, for the NPC, click here, for the ultra version, click here.
Chaos Lord Xiang
Level: 35
HP: 80,689
MP: 100
Difficulty: 3 (stars)
Exp: Depends on level
Class Points: Depends on rank.
Gold: Depends on level.
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items:
Quest Items:
Location: Mirror Portal
  • When down to a certain portion of her health bar, Xang will say "It cannot end this way! Stop fighting!" as both the players and Xiang suddenly become petrified for a few seconds. Xiang will recover from her own petrification faster than the players when Xang says "Stop fighting me, Xang!".
  • After her health goes down to a certain lower portion, Xiang will use Chaos Power and Extra Life at the same time, which both increases her attack power and increases the players' HP to massive proportions, as Xang says "I give you life, please no more fighting!"
  • At an even lower portion of Xiang's health, she'll decrease both her speed and the players' cooldown speed as Xing says, "Why did you make us so slow Xang!"
  • As her health nears depletion, both Xiang's and the players' attack powers will decrease back to their original damage range as Xing says, "Hah! Xang cannot heal you now! This is the end!"
  • Also see: Ultra Xiang