Chaorrupter Locked

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Chaorrupter Locked
This blade was created from pure Chaos. It may do damage against anything at anytime… including Chaos itself. This blade will change form in the future.
Level Required: 0
Upgrade Required: Depends on the version
Reputation Required: None
Equip Spot: Weapon
Equipment Type: Sword
Attack Type:
Location: Chaoswar
Price: Depends on the version
  • 300 AC (AC Version)
  • 10,000 Gold(Member Version)
  • High Chaos Knight (Non-Member Version)
Damage: See Enhancements
  • This is the weapon said to defeat Drakath.
  • Drakath gives this to The Hero as a Gift.
  • The AC and Member Versions are stronger than the Non-Member/Non-AC
  • This item is now Tag-rare.png.