Cave Painter

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Cave Painter
Artist from 17,000 years ago.
  • Initial:

Art is what separates man from beast. The ability to appreciate it is evidence that humans are a new type of creature, never-seen-before on this planet. But what is considered art changes overtime. To celebrate the discovery of the Lascaux cave paintings in 1979, i have a shop filled with Cave art-themed gear... and Derp-styled!

  • Lascaux?:
In 1979, a cave system was discovered in Lascaux, France by a group of teenaged adventurers. It contained thousands of samples of paelo-lithic art - Animals, humans and abstract signs - either carved into stone or painted on using mineral-based pigments. It is a sample of some of humanity oldest art, and it shows how far artistic ability has evolved!
Location: Battleon
Services: cave painting shop
Quests: None