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Welcoming committee.pngWelcome, Welcoming Committee members!Welcoming committee.png

This page is to both organize the list of committee members, and to show the basic outlines that your personal welcoming message should contain.
Note: You must create your own message to use, and it must be submitted for review by a committee leader before you can use it!

Your personal message must:

  • Link to the basic help pages(ie: basic editing help, clan page help, etc.)
  • Link to the universal template list, found here
  • Have a direct link to the "Add Topic" button on your talk page, so the new user and quickly and easily ask you any questions they might have.

Please, before using your personalized message, post it on the talk pages of one of the Committee head

We trust that you shall wield your welcoming-powers wisely, and will continue to be a positive influence on the wiki!

Thank you.

Welcoming Committee Leaders,


Welcome to AQWorlds Wiki

The Welcome Committee sees that you have joined our ever growing community.
We hope that you can contribute in a positive way.
Check out Help:Contents if you are not sure how to begin.
Remember to check out the Rules,
It tells you everything you need for getting started.
For the template list when creating a page; view here: Template List
If you have a question about the wiki ask here (Insert link to your talk; add topic button)
Also, remember to use your signature (~~~~) after posting on a Talk Page.


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