Captain Lore

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Captain Lore


Important text

Environmental Defender
Happy Planet Day, hero. I'm Captain Lore, welcome to my Renewable Energy Platform. Well, it WAS mine, until General Pollution took it over. With your help I can build and power my Hyper-Slingshot, get you to the top of the platform and defeat General Pollution!


Everyone knows that Lore is making huge strides into the future. It's very exciting time for Lore but we need to be mindful of the kind of energy we use to power these new advancements. I built this platform to test 4 types of clean, renewable resources and things were going well until General Pollution showed up. He found that burning Chaos produces an amazing amount of energy but it causes so much pollution! His Chaos power has completely stopped all of my clean renewable methods from working and it's started Chaorrupting the elementals that I was working with. If he's not stopped all of Lore will eventually be covered in a choking chaos smog, and we can kiss our planet goodbye! I need YOUR help to stop him!

After Completing Captain Lore's Quests

Environmental Defender
Great work, hero! The platform is producing more clean energy than ever before thanks to your efforts. Remember, THE POWER IS YOURS AND EVERYONE ELSES!



Captain Lore's Shop


(At Pollution)

(At Totengeld Factory)


This NPC is based on the 1990 TV Super Hero Captain Planet.