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The Span (/join thespan)


Ogre, Housing Vendor

Important Text

You look around, find something you like. I gots to stay in business, you know? I got decorations for your house, good ones. You buy 'em, you like 'em, you come back 'n get more. That's how we do it here. Might not be how I's suppose to do it, but I'm my own ogre, golem or no!


I don' know anything that'll help you. All's I know is one minute, nothin'. The next, I can THINK an' remember places and peoples I ain't never seen. Th' shop's lonely. Th' fancy-talkin' mage who made me didn't do the peoples who I'm supposed to stand near. Rude, don'cha think, to put an ogre in a shop all alone when the ogre's usedta company? We got things in my world I don't think you got there. You know them Elemental Lords? No? Hunh. Guess your Champions work for thet, yeh? Our Lords, they do a mite good job o' interfering with our world. Them and the ones above 'em. I steer clear o' all thet, but I hear the hero who's a lot like ya… got into lotta trouble runnin' around for'em.