Bubbly Cannon

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Seasonal Rare
This item was from a special event (Frostval, Mogloween, etc.) and will return the next year the event comes back.

Bubbly Cannon
This Sparkling Moglinberry Juice cannon is a barrel of fun and shoots fireworks when clicked on! Happy New Year!
Level Required: 1
Member Only: Yes
Founder Only: No
Location: New Year's Shop -> New Year
Buy Price:
  • 2010:2,010 gold
  • 2011:2,011 gold
  • 2012:2,012 gold
Sell Price: 503 gold

  • You can only fire the cannon once at a time, then needs a period to "recharge".
  • Price of the item is a joke on the year in which it is celebrating.
  • This item was re-released during New Years under the following names.