Bonebreak the Vile

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Bonebreak the Vile



Shadowfall Gate Commander

Important text

(Before completing his quests)

Chaos has come, as we knew it would. Drakath cannot let Shadowfall remain standing, not if he wants to succeed. The Empress is inside, commanding the defense of her fortress. It is my task to instruct you in the attack against the invaders. Ready your blade, <Hero>

(After completing his quests)

Chaos has been driven back… for now! But we must be eternally vigilant, or our Empress may fall like the King! Even now, we do not know what will become of the Alliance against Chaos!


I have served the Empress for many years, ever since she found me hiding from her forces as they burned my village. It was then I knew that she would be victorious, no matter who is facing her. And I chose to ally myself with that power. Have you? … Never mind. You're here. That says enough.



Shadowfall Defense


Shadow Gates