Boiler Spoiler

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Location info
Level Required: Any
Location: Airship
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: Rehydrated Gell Oh No
NPCs: Captain Stratos
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: x1 Gel-O-No Defeated
Total Experience: 650 XP
Total Gold: 600 Gold
Total Reputation: 950 Good Reputation
Equipment Won: None

  • Must complete A Whirled Wide Traveler to begin.
  • At completion: I thought so! From all the Gel-O-No gelatin treats in the boiler, a rehydrated Gel-O-No monster was formed! No... I'm not sure how that is even possible, but now is not the time for scientific reasoning! The skyguard and Phereless still need your help!
Quest Complete
Something is wrong down in the engine room. The boiler is clogged... but *something* is moving around down there. You don't think... from all the Gel-O-No... no no no no... no way... but maybe. Hurry back to the engine room and find out what's going on down there!