Black Wolf

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Black Wolf
Wolf of the night.
Level Required: 1
Member Only: Yes
Location: The Bone? quest in Willow Creek via Church Elder Calafalas.
Buy Price: Cannot be bought.
Sell Price: 125 Gold.

  • Before you used to get Dark Wolf (non member rare version of Black Wolf).
  • A guide to getting the Black Wolf can be found on the main page under Guides.
  • UPDATE: With the update on the 6th of December, The Black Wolf Member-Only Pet has now been replaced with the Dark Wolf Non-Member Pet. (The Dark Wolf is no longer available, and is one of the 5 only non-member pets.
  • UPDATE: The Dark Wolf is no longer available from this quest. It seems that it was never intended to be available again... The pet gained is once again the Black Wolf.