Bear Necessities Of LifeRoot

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Location info
Level Required: Any
Location: Cloister
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: None
NPCs: Ewa
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: x1 LifeRoot
Total Experience: 500 XP
Total Gold: 500 Gold
Total Reputation: 2,000 Arcangrove Reputation
Equipment Won: None

  • Quest can only be completed once.
  • A reference to the Disney Song from The Jungle Book
  • At Completion: The LifeRoot was much more abundant before... I wonder if it will ever thrive again as it once did...
Brave hero... the Cloister needs your aid. Once a safe haven to ancient Druids, our Mother tree is now overrun with dangerous beasts. We need to restore the balance. But before I send you on more perilous tasks, I ask you to become aware of The Cloister's intricate layout. Make your way through our Mother Tree until you find the sacred LifeRoot near the canopy. I await your return.