Bash Ketchup

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A pockey-moglin trainer in the Dragonkoi tournament. He is a reference to Ash Ketchum, the main character of pokemon

Bash Ketchup

Important Text

  • Initial Text: "That's right! I'm the best Pockey Moglin trainer in the world. (You would not believe what the little fellows would do for some chocolate colored biscuits! Who should I use in my duel today? I know... I have chosen you, "Pockey Chew!"" [When we finally stop laughing, we are really going to regret this! LOL]
  • Before Fighting Him: "I have chosen you, "Pockey Chew!" Yeeaah! You don't stand a chance against the delicious chocolaty goodness the empowers my Pockey Moglin!"
  • After Beating Him: "Nooooo! Your attacks were too effective against little Pockey Chew! I need to find Nurse Bliss, quick!"


  • His pockey-moglin is Pockey Chew, a reference to Pikachu, from Pokemon.
  • His Name Bash Ketchup is a reference to Ash Ketchum from pokemon.