Baron Bayconn

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Baron Bayconn before defeating Piggy Drake
Baron Bayconn after defeating Piggy Drake


Swordhaven Prison


Baron Bayconn Is a tax collector. He took most(should be half:"Two for the treasury, one for me. One for the treasury, two for me...") of the money of the treasury, but King Alteon doesn't seem to notice.

He's possibly the same tax collector of King Alteon in DF. His full name is Baron Au'Mydas Bayconn.

Important text

Before Beating Piggy Drake : How do you like my little pet? He is here to guard the Royal Treasury. If you want to get your precious gold you will need to defeat him, but I assure you that's not going to be a easy task. Ha, Ha... Oink!

After Beating Piggy Drake : Fine! You've beaten my last defense. I guess I HAVE to pay out that fiendish Unlife Insurance... take it. Take what you need and leave. *sobs*