Bad Doggies

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Location info
Level Required: 1
Location: Wanders
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Not Fixed
Monster List: Kalestri Hound
NPCs: Sek Duat
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: 10 Hounds Defeated
Total Experience: 800 Exp
Total Gold: 800 Gold
Total Reputation: 2,000 Sandsea Reputation
Equipment Won: N/A

  • This quest can only be done only Once.
  • Requirements to do quest: Most complete They've Gone Dark quest.
  • When Completed:Good, less of those animals to get in our way. I can feel the evil treads of energy between the hounds and cultist weakening.
Bad Doggies.png
I have never seen the Kalestri Hounds before. I sense some dark connection to the cultist. They could be the source of the evil that has corrupted them. Destroy 10 of the hounds to make your search more safe AND help save the worshipers.