Ayi Jihu

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Ayi Jihu in Concert.


Important Text


Fear Chaser
I've never seen someone without any fears before. I think you might be just the person to help me face down the Manifestation Fears that have invaded BattleOn. They came with their minions to terrify the citizens of Lore. If we don't stop them, they'll keep getting stronger and will have even more of the people's fears to feed on. We MUST stop them!


Fear Chaser
Vertigo is the Manifestation of the Fear of Heights. His minions have invaded the minds of people throughout your world and mine. When they are affected by Vertigo's twisted fear, they are prevented from reaching the heights to which they might aspire, and THAT is a sad thing indeed. For all those afraid to reach too high or stand too tall, take on Vertigo!


Fear Chaser
Nyctox is the Manifestation of the Fear of the Dark. He delights in keeping people confined to the light, deriving glee from the fact that they'll never know the gentleness of a warm, star-lit summer night, or that, unfortunately, they'll be so afraid of closing their eyes that they'll be too afraid to even sleep. In the name of those who are so afraid they keep to the light, help me bring down Nyctox!


Fear Chaser
Thanotops is the Manifestation of the Fear of Death. Some people go their whole lives fearing to take every step, breathe every breath, afraid that the next will be their last. His is perhaps the harshest Fear of all, because every creature I've ever met has experienced it. Until I met you. For all the mortal creatures who suffer needlessly with an unreasonable fear of death, let's show them what it is to live!





  • Ayi Jihu can see other people's fear spirits after she was hit by a meteor.
  • Upon the defeat of Vertigo, Nyctox, and Thanotops, Ayi Jihu will be snatched by Fear causing the players to fight Fear in order to rescue Ayi Jihu.