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Skyguard Recruit Invidia


Skyguard after Academy quests, and Dream Maze.


At Skyguard, Recruit Assistant to Captain Stratos
At Dream Maze, Skyguard Recruit, Stratos' Protege

Skyguard Recruit with DreamWeaving abilities.

At Skyguard

Thank you, Hero, for returning our leader to us! It was good of Captain Emberwhite to shepherd the Phereless back to base. Captain Stratos is resting in the hospital now; perhaps you will visit him soon? I am worried. All he does is stare blankly into space, flinching and whimpering. Something terrible is happening in his mind, and I am afraid for his sanity...

At Dream Maze

Oh, Hero! I- I don't think I like this place. It feels like invisible eyes are watching every move I make. And… like something is crawling over my skin. But it is so beautiful; I could stare into the sky and get lost in the feeling of Forever. But we have no time to waste! I have the information from the King's DreamWeaver for you to read; hurry, I fear this is a dangerous realm!

Vital Information

My mistress bids me impart the following information about the Land you seek to enter. As you have not my training, and therefore cannot understand the more complex arcana, I will pass only the most vital details. Anything else is esoteric knowledge which would only interest a DreamWeaver. Stay safe, Hero. Signed, Honoria Greyhame, apprentice to the Royal DreamWeaver.


1) Travel in Dream-Realm is influenced by your mind. Take care when you picture your destination. Think ambiguously and you will be forever trapped in-between the Dream and the Sleep. 2) Should you be harmed in the Dream-Realm, you shall carry your wounds once you wake. 3) Die in the Dream-Realm and it will be your final death, unless under a 'Weaver's' protection.


Traits are magnified in the Dream-Realm; those who are Evil grow more so, and vice versa. 5) Do not succumb to the Nightmare; should it infect you, you will grow twisted and remain trapped in Dream-Realm. Only death will be able to free you from a eternity of tormented Sleep. 6) Above all else, remember Yourself and hope you are not forgotten.