How To Go To War

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New Clans Often Question How to Declare War, this guide will explain the rules and steps on How To Go To War.

Clan Wars, while defying the peaceful standards of some clans, can be useful for clan activity. Wars provide a safe environment form which to compete with other clans and settle differences appropriately. Clans who participate in wars are also often shown not to go inactive as easily as peaceful clans.

You're pretty much thinking that wars are things that you for example hack the other clans website or maybe flame the members of that clan. Wrong, Wars are done in PvP Combat.

  • You need 10 people for a war 5 for Each Team but you can still do 4 vs 4, 3 vs 3... the technique there for a 4 vs 4 or a 3 vs 3 or 2 vs 2 is to let 10 people queue for a war zone and only let in the representatives in and the others will not join.
  • If a person is disconnected the team with more people in it will have to let 1 person out of the battle.

What's Pure PvP?

--> Pure PvP is a All Out Battle against other players so it means that NPCs will not be allowed to be Killed only kill the Enemy.

--> It may be first to 250-1000 Points its up to you which points will be used to Win.

--> Its all up to you if Scrolls will be allowed.

--> Well you get the point in this War NPCs are allowed.

--> Its first to 1000 Points.

Step 1) You make a Schedule with the Enemy Clan when will you have the War.
Step 2) Then meet with the Enemy Clan in a place for example Battleon-9999.
Step 3) Then make a line in an alternate pattern like this for example 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 (1 and 2 means the members of each team). This will be your joining pattern you do it alternately and when your in war zone you'll find that your teammates are your clan mates.
Step 4) Then Fight the Enemy Clan do your Best and Win!