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This is the NPC type of Escherion, for the monster, click here
Escherion, the First Lord of Chaos


Escherion (Area)


The 1st Chaos Lord sent by Drakath. He is a a tribute to M. C. Escher. and his artwork. The town of Mobius, the forest of Faerie, the ruins of Cornelis, and his own upside-down tower are based off of the unique, disorienting drawings of Escher, and are caused in-game by Escherion's Staff of Inversion.

Important text

Cutscene in Otto (Area)

  • Escherion: Report.
  • Imp: Chaos Lord Escherion, we have searched the entire town and we have not found it.
  • Escherion: Useless... all of you. I must return to the tower and report to Drakath.
  • Escherion: FIND THE FIRST PIECE! It is the only thing that can stop our plans for this region.
  • Imp: Yes, my Lord.
  • Escherion: You may leave Mobius and return to the tower when you have found it. Return with the piece or do not return at all.
  • Imp: *Gulp* Chaos Lord, if we cannot find it...
  • Escherion: You WILL find it. You will turn this town inside-out... or I will use my Chaos Staff of Inversion to turn YOU inside-out.
  • All Cyclopses and Imps: YES CHAOS LORD ESCHERION!

Runix Cutscene

  • Player (You): We meet at last Chaos Lord Escherion!
  • Escherion: Should I know who you are?
  • Player (You): The only thing you need to know about me... is THIS
  • Escherion: The Runix Cube? But how..
  • Player (You): That's right... the only thing that can stop you! HA!

Player throws the Runix Cube to Escherion

  • Escherion: Ow. What was that supposed to be?
  • Player (You): Uh... me stopping you and your reign of terror over this valley, and ruining whatever plans you and Drakath had?
  • Escherion: I've had my army scouring the lands of this valley searching for the Runix Cube...
  • Escherion: And you deliver it right into my hands. Thank you, hero.
  • Player (You): But... you said it was the only thing that could stop your plans
  • Escherion: Yes, I did. The only thing that could stop me was NOT FINDING IT.
  • Player (You): Ah. Can I have it back?
  • Escherion: ...
  • Escherion: No.
  • Escherion: With this device I can finally summon the first of the 13 Chaos Beasts...
  • Escherion: as Drakath has commanded me.
  • Escherion: I am grateful for all your help, hero. In fact, I won't even kill you. You may leave my tower now.
  • Player (You): We're not done, Escherion. I won't leave until Chaos Valley is safe!
  • Escherion: It was not a choice. You will leave my

Escherion throws you out of the tower using his chaos staff

  • Drakath: Good, Escherion...
  • Drakath: ...The Hydra has awoken.
  • Drakath: Your job is done.
  • Escherion: Arise... Lake Hydra!
  • Player (You): Great! I snuck into the villains stronghold and gave him the item of power. What else could go wrong?

A shadow rises from the lake..

Escherion Cutscene

Before battling Escherion

  • Player (You): ESCHERION... we finally meet! Again.
  • Escherion: You again?! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY TOWER!
  • Player (You): What? It was upside down to start. I got it halfway turned around.
  • Player (You): You should be thanking me.
  • Escherion: No matter. With the power of the Chaos Staff of Inversion I will have this mess cleaned up soon enough.
  • Player (You): You're not cleaning ANYTHING until I'm done with you!
  • Player (You): I'm taking you down, Chaos Lord.
  • Escherion: *looks around* You ALREADY took me down. My tower is lying in a lake.
  • Player (You): know what I mean. I'm stopping you today!
  • Escherion: You and what army?
  • Otto: THIS army!
  • Escherion: *sigh* Did you have to bring the riff-raff with you?
  • Player (You): What are you guys doing here? This is dangerous!
  • Otto: Mobius is our HOME and now that we can enter the tower, we came to help you get rid of Escherion!
  • Escherion: Did you? How brave of you.
  • Escherion: But once I invert you I think you will see things differently!

Escherion inverts the Villagers

  • Inverted Villagers: As... AS We saID. We CamEd Hree tO heLpS EsCHEriOn GeTs rId Of yoU!!!
  • Escherion: HAHAHAHA! Face it hero, you are no match for my Chaos Staff of Inversion...
  • Player (You): You sure think a lot of that staff...
  • Escherion: ...What?
  • Player (You): Well, it seems that staff is the only thing you have going for you. Without it you'd just be another second rate mage.
  • Escherion: The Staff is a very powerful. Given to me by Drakath himself! But I don't need it to swat a fly like you.
  • Staff of Inversion: !?!?!
  • Escherion: But be warned... The staff is loyal to me.
  • Escherion: It may decide to protect me of its own free will. HAHAHAHA!
  • Escherion: Come, hero. Let us see what you are made of!

After defeating Escherion

  • Escherion: *pant pant* Impressive. Perhaps you are not as much of a weakling as I thought.
  • Player (You): What do you mean by "Perhaps"?!
  • Player (You): I just owned you!
  • Player (You)^: Now, In the name of King Alteon the Balanced I command you...
  • Player (You)^: ...leave this valley and its people in peace...
  • Player (You)^: ...and never return, or be prepared to face the forces of Good!
  • Player (You)^^: Now, In the name of Gravelyn, Empress of the Shadowscythe...
  • Player (You)^^: ...this valley is no longer yours. Leave it...
  • Player (You)^^: ...and let everyone see that you bow to the forces of Evil!
  • Escherion: I... I suppose I have no choice.
  • Escherion: I underestimated you, hero. You didn't look that powerful to me...
  • Escherion: ...but you have shown me that it is really what's on the inside that counts...
  • Escherion: So I will turn you INSIDE OUT to avoid making that mistake again! HAHAHAHA!

Escherion tries to invert the Player, but the player reflects the Chaos Beam with a mirror

  • Escherion: You made me INVERT MYSELF!
  • Player (You): Good thing I held onto this magic mirror I found in the Ruins.
  • Player (You): Hmmmm. You don't look much different turned inside out.
  • Escherion: I'm not inside out, fool. The spell must have had no effect on me.
  • Escherion: Perhaps I should stick with some classic mage spells to destroy you....
  • Escherion: Like FIREBALL!

Casts a Fireball but was casted to himself. Casts an Ice Shard but was casted to himself again.

  • Escherion: Fine.... POLYMORPH!

Escherion turns into a Frog

  • Player (You): Huh... I guess you inverted your powers.
  • Player (You): Every spell that you try to cast on me, you actually cast on yourself.
  • Escherion: *ribbit ribbit*
  • Player (You): I'm sure you just said something very rude in froggy.
  • Otto: I feel like myself again!
  • Anna: We've been saved! We're free!
  • Anna: Yay!
  • Bald Peasant: Mobius is free!
  • Farmer: HOORAY!
  • Female Peasant: This is great!
  • Otto: Why is that frog standing on a huge block of ice?
  • Player (You): It looks like you're pretty harmless now, Chaos Lord Escherion...
  • Player (You): ...Even if you change yourself back, your spells will only harm you.
  • Player (You): Mobius, The Faerie Forest, The Ruins... all of Chaos Valley is no longer under your rule.
  • Player (You): Goodbye, Escherion. It has been a toad-ally un-frog-ettable experience!


  • Drakath: What an.... entertaining.... turn of events.
  • Drakath: Escherion has been defeated and Chiral Valley has been freed.
  • Drakath: But that is the nature of Chaos: unpredictable.
  • Drakath: Escherion served my purpose well.
  • Drakath: The Lake Hydra was freed, destroying one of the seals. It's only a matter of time.
  • Drakath: But Escherion couldn't have done it alone. That hero found him the cube.
  • Drakath: I hope you had fun Hero....
  • Drakath: The next LORD of CHAOS has ALREADY been chosen!

^This can only be said if the Player is aligned with Good
^^This can only be said if the Player is aligned with Evil

Lords of Order Version (Undead Artix Defeated Cutscene)

Mirror Escherion

The fight between the hero and Undead Artix continues. Undead Artix sends the hero sliding backwards with a swipe of his ShadowReaper of Doom. The hero dodges another swipe from him, leaps in the air, and knocks his helmet off with the handle of his/her weapon. The eyes in Undead Artix's helmet fade away. Mirror Drakath appears.

Mirror Drakath: Over there! Break the spell!

The hero and Mirror Drakath throw the ShadowReaper of Doom, the Crown of Blood, and the Platinum Feather at the cage holding the Lords of Order, destroying the cage itself.

Wolfwing: We're free!

Escherion: I told you Drakath would find a way to rescue us.

Vath: Looks like he recruited some help.

We go to Evil King Alteon the Imbalanced, watching over Skullcrusher Mountain from his balcony. King Alteon's eyes squint and then he walks to the right.


  • Massively resembles 'Saddler' - The main boss of the popular game 'Resident Evil 4'.
  • He turned the town of Mobius chaotic.
  • He is the 1st Chaos Lord.
  • He is a Battlemage.
  • His name, his chaotic art and he himself is a tribute to M. C. Escher.
  • Escherion is using the Runix cube to summon a Chaotic beast.
  • The Runix Cube gives hint to the idea that Drakath needs items of power to summon chaos beasts, and is trying to get them summoned to give way to his master plan.
  • The first beast he summoned is a water monster called The "The Lake Hydra".
  • His staff is called the Staff of Inversion
  • He is later turned into Frogerion (which is a pet for members)
  • His Order version, one of the Lords of Order in the Mirror Realm, that took place during AQWorlds second birthday, has a white hood, cloak, and robes, red runes, a lack of Chaorrupted skulls, and a staff that looks strikingly like the Supreme Arcane Staff.