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Oldest Battleon version of Dumoose.
Older Battleon version of Dumoose.
Current Doomwood Arena version.


Battleon and DoomWood Arena


Master of PvP Warfare

Important text

Budrut brawl: Well Hero... as if Werepyre slaying wasn't hard enough, now a massive battle has broken out in Bludrut-The Bludrut Brawl! I can only see THIS as a opportunity. Go to Bludrut and prove you have the strength to carry my well crafted PvP weapons of battle! If you think you are worthy I have some new PvP rewards and Necklaces.

DoomWood Arena: Welcome to the new DoomWood Arena, hero. Dont let me appearance disturb you. As the PvP Master for the realm I always wear the latest in Player versus Player gear. Here you can battle onther heroes in single combat. Just the two of you.