Warrior Claymore Blade

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Warrior Claymore Blade
Truly great swordsmen have used this sword to cast down mighty foes. Very tough work.
Level Required: 1
Upgrade Required: No
Equip Spot: Weapon
Attack Type: Melee
Location: Undead Berzerker in Ruins, Marsh2 and Battleunder A
Price: Cannot be bought
Sellback: 3 Gold
Damage: See Enhancements

  • Has a medium drop rate (more than 20%) therefore not too hard to get.
  • This is the most seen sword in all AE Games:
  • It is the default weapon for the Warrior in DragonFable.
  • The Huntress in AQ uses this sword as well.
  • This is also the sword used by Artix in Artix Vs The Undead.
  • Also used by Artix if accompanying your Character in battle in DragonFable.
  • Ash uses this blade if he is accompanying your Character in battle in DragonFable.
  • In Tercessuinotlim, you need this sword and Rank 8 Evil Reputation to complete the Warrior Claymore Blade Enchant quest from Skew, which gives you the Tainted Claymore.
  • Alternately, if you have Rank 8 Good Reputation, you can use this sword to complete the Purified Claymore quest from Polish, which gives you the Purified Claymore of Destiny.
  • When AQWorlds 1.0 came out, the sword was accidentally released in Thok's Warrior Shop.