VR Room

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VR Room
Virtual Reality Room in the Hyperium
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: Second button in the elevator shaft of the Hyperium
Exits to: Hyperium
VR room.jpg
Shops and NPCs
Shops: None
NPCs: None
Quests & Monsters
Quests: Grand Theft Loco-motive (Chapter 1) Junk in the Trunk (Chapter 2)
Monsters: none
  • Requires VR Room Access Card to gain access.
  • Prologue and chapters 2-6 are offline and require datadisks that are not yet released.
  • The sign above the door has 'NCC 1701' on it. This may be a reference to "Star Trek: The Next Generation", in which the Enterprise's service code was 'NCC 1701-D'.
  • Kill horc noob (/join noobshire) to obtain datadisc 5. this unlocks "Junk in the Trunk".
  • Junk in the Trunk goes to map "Moonyard". Complete moonyard quests (2) to obtain datadisc 4 (Actually auxillary clue 4).
  • DO NOT DELETE AUXILLARY CLUE 4! It is only obtainable once. Yet it is not useable.