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A few things to note.

First of all, when using the 421 (Prep-DS-auto) combo for Warriors, after the DS hits, Prep still delays the auto-attack from hitting quickly after the DS.

Secondly, Dragonslayers do more damage than Warriors. DS does 120% wep damage, while Warriors do 110%. Despite Warriors being able to conserve MP while doing powerful skill damage, DS works especially well when farming chairs and tables with 2 or more other players. This is because, with everyone hitting, the chairs and tables are pretty much dead in one turn. This makes it a waste of MP to use DS and Prep, and without these skills, dragonslayer trumps warrior. (only slightly- 10% damage to be precise. Subtle, but...)

--Guolin 22:11, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

Exodia's Paladin

Contrary to popular belief, Paladin is not the "God Class". It is really only a class that allows people to fight longer and stronger than either Warrior or Healer can.

Notable Skills

  • Auto-Attack: Only about 15% stronger, this attack does about 75 DPS instead of 66 DPS like most other classes. This has been confirmed by Artix.
  • Empower: This attack is about the best that there is for Paladin. It heals you 5% of the damage you did to the target for the next 5 attacks. Now, doing basic math, and using DPS as the base target, you can heal at least 190 HP over a 5 turn time period. This isn't bad if you need to survive for just that little bit to finish off that boss.
  • Abolish: Not great, its just an extra attack that does about 100 damage.
  • Eternal Light: At the low cost of 2 mana, you can 2 mana for each attack for the next 10 seconds. It may have a slow recharge rate but, it is definitely worth it if you are training and don't want to rest. And, since it is Not Yet Implemented, once it becomes fully available your entire party and you can gain 2 mana for the next 10 seconds. Now, get a bunch of Paladins and you have the best farming group ever!
  • Blinding Light: Sadly, this skill is Not Yet Implemented so you can only use it one one target. Once it becomes fully available, this attack will damage all enemies on the current screen. So, Paladins rejoice as you can get a few friends around and wipe out populated maps for fast Experience and Gold!


Paladin, is really difficult to train at first. Just keep attacking, Abolish, Empower, and Eternal Light. This way, if you use Eternal Light after those first two skills you can recharge your mana and get it started on its recharge. As soon as Eternal Light is recharged I recommend you use it so you can maximize the length of time between your rest periods.


Eventually I'm going to want to bring all the classes to the format of Mage and warrior. What mainly is keeping me from doing as such is a combination of things:

  • Unwillingness to put too much effort in before the proposed balance changes the AE staff has been hinting at.
  • The format doesn't exactly mesh well with Claw Suit and Paladin and other future Mem-Only classes. This is because until someone volunteers adequate testing (which is hard to come by), the less authoritative form of the current paragraphs works better.
  • If I were to change it, it's have to happen all at once. Some classes (like berserker off the top of my head) would be easy to switch over. However, tricky classes like the Lep comparison and the mess that is the Paladin review would take much longer.

When I do eventually change all the classes over, I'll keep my work-in-progress in this discussion page until I've reformatted all the classes.

User:Zero Noisiv

Healer/mage combo

Along my heavy farming to reach level 20, I uncovered the useful healer/mage combo for fighting high level bosses. The healing ability of the healers and acolytes make them essential to surviving against bosses such as the grand inquisitor and belrot the fiend. Normally better for sitting at the sidelines, but this can normally lead to less combat involvement. The mage's infusion can boost mana, so that warriors can keep using their strong attacks to fight. The combination of the two in battle can keep health and mana up for all the people fighting, with the attacks from the healer as well. This means the healer doesn't have to sit out, resting and healing until the last seconds, and the more healers or mages there are, the more effective it would be.

1st hit refill

If you are a ninja and you hit the enemy before they hits you, you get lots of mana back

Sake's Note/Issues With This Page

This page requires heavy formatting and editing, in instances of misspellings and grammar issues. I will be coming back and forth editing and correcting this page. If anyone would like to help, please learn how to format and spell and help me. Thank you.

I am also very displeased with the way this page looks down upon most classes. I will be fixing that as well, as all classes are as good as Warrior or Mage. Rouge-based classes do indeed have Mana regeneration, you just need to know how to get your Dexterity high enough to dodge often. Wiki's are supposed to be unbiased, whereas this section is heavily biased against most classes. For a mainly Mage/Warrior strategy page, you should create a separate page dedicated to that.

Since it seems that this is a task that is already being looked over, I may stay my hand, but formatting and creating a section for each class similar to Warrior and Mage will not be that hard, contrary to what Noisiv said.

Either way, I'll see what I can do.

DoomKnight Edits

  • Rewrote it completely - The person who wrote it before basically just put it there, calling it the worst class on the planet, insulting it and just being 90% unhelpful. It's the worst class on the planet to a player who knows nothing about stat modification and DPS damage, and just wants to beat stuff up with a sword. It is in fact one of the best classes, as it can heal itself, do great amounts of damage, and DoomKnights to 127% weapon damage.
  • Easier understanding of skills - I realize that the skill descriptions ingame are quite confusing, so I made it a bit easier to understand.


Simple, please! x-x

I'm so confused... I think the quide needs to be simplified a bit. It takes a certain amount of rereading to understand what is meant... It kind of frustrates me that I can't read without having to exert my brain. I've had a twelfth grade reading level (according to American standards) for over seven years now, so it's not a question of intelligence. o-o; I'd be glad to help out if help is needed, just contact me on my page if you'd like me to rewrite it or if it's okay for me to rewrite. - RockinSia


In terms of PVP, Dragonlord is probably the most overpowered class. It's ability to decrease haste poses a major threat rogues and other similar class.And the ability to heal with lifestealer makes it even dtronger as it enables the user to survive longer in a battle. Besides PVP, its also a devastating melee class capable of dealing a round of high crits.


  • Auto-Attack : Same thing with all the other classes, nothing much to say about it...
  • Cleave : Deal moderate damage uup to 2 targets in melee range. Good for dealing extra damage while waiting for other skills to cool down, but watch your mana.
  • Heated Blade : Deals light damage and applies searing heat, which lowers haste and hit chance by 5%, stacks uo to 4 times and lasting 10 seconds. One of its reason of being popular, decreases haste and hit chance by 20% if stacked up to four times!!! A deadly skill to rogue-like-classes.
  • Lifestealer : Deals damage based on your current HP, and heals you for some of the damage done. Nice skill to use if you're low on hp. Though costs quite some mana.
  • Cursed Blade : Deals damage inversely proportional to your current MP and applies cursed blood, Increasing the target's damage taken by 12%. Use this when you're low on MP, but not lower than 20, and it'll deal high damage and even WORSE damage if crit.

Passive Skills

  • Furious : Increases all damage done by 15%.
  • Resolute : Damage taken reduced by 10%


Note: This part was partially taken from another website.

In PVP : When first seeing a target, the first thing you gotta do is deal heavy loads of damage to either 2 or more targets, it will effect their time taken to kill the restorers and brawlers as healing rate from resting is slower outside the safe zone. If enough damage is inflicted, most of them will probably die before they can kill any of the restorers. A nice combo is 5-2-3-2-3-5. The number represents the skills ( 2=Cleave, 3=Heated Blade, 4=Lifestealer, 5= Cursed Blade )

If you're low on HP, find an easy target and use 4-3-3-3-5-4, lifestealer can take some time to cool down so its best to spam heated blade to reduce the enemy's haste, giving you time to heal ad of you have mana to spare use a Cursed Blade in between. Though you could just use lifestealer on an enemy and leave the area as fast as you can....

Rogues-like classes and high evasion classes are nasty in PVP, especially when they can the perfect combo to use is 3-2-3-5-2-3-5, or you could just spam heated the process decreasing their haste and hit chance. Simply ownage.

If its DragonLords/Berserkers/Doomknights/Warriors, be careful, these classes are high damage classes and can be VERY HARD to handle. You're gonna want fast damage, so 5-2-2-2-3-5 is great. Start of with a cursed blade, then spam cleave 3 times, draining your mana then end it with cursed blade, dealing high damage.

Boss fights : Depends on whether you're soloing or group fighting. If its soloing, spam heated blade, use cursed blade when low on mana, lifestealer when low on hp, if you don't have any mana left, wait for it to recharge a little then continue using the same skills.

Others : Not much to say as Dragonlord can kill quick....


Now where would strong equipments be without their enhancement? Nowhere. Enhancements plays a important role as the enhancements you chose can either make you REALLY strong, or make you REALLY weak.

If you enjoy seeing random crits flying all over your screen, the enhancements should be:

Class: Fighter Helm: Fighter Cape: Fighter Weapon: Lucky

This is probably the best enhancements to use as fighter boosts your damage AND crit rate. With a lucky enhancement on your weapon, you'll be able to do high damage and a lot of crits.

If you like dodging attacks or having your enemy's attacks missing and all of your attacks hitting the target, the enhancements are:

Class: Thief Helm: Thief Cape: Thief Weapon: Lucky

This way you'll get hit less often, but sacrificing high damage and crits.