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Hello, how are you?

Here are some (boring) facts about me..

Fv classes: Clawsuit, doomknight, protosartoruim

Fv weapons: Frostscythe's cruelty, soulbiter, Any kind of Starsword

Fv armors: Drakonus, Skullcrusher, Frost draconian, Bounbty Hunter

Fv pets: Armored frost drake, pink chinchilla (FTW), Twigwam

Fv places: Battleon-1, Clubhouse, Skullpunch island

Character pg:


Date created:8/15/2008 8:31:00 PM

Badges: Member, 1st upholder, friday teh 13th, Kung food fighter [ used to have beta tester, but was removed because i didny confirm a starlord or guardian ship. Read more here:

The End!