The Portal Puzzle

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Location info
Level Required: Any
Location: Battleunder B
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: None
NPCs: Yara
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: 1 Rune Portal Unlocked
Total Experience: 0
Total Gold: 0
Total Reputation: 0
Equipment Won: None

  • Requirements to do quest: Complete Key of the Void quest. Click on door way to Battleunder C for puzzle to appear.
  • You can try to do this quest again but the puzzle to access the portal will not come up if you completed it once already.
  • When you finish all 3 parts of the puzzle, the portal will open.
Hero! I have some great news! So Warlic has finally found a way to open that portal at the end of this cavern. Who knows what danger lie on the other side?! Ready to find out? Go to the bottom of this cave and figure out how to solve the magical rune puzzle that will unlock the portal! Good luck!

The Portal Puzzle Image.png