Talc To Me

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Location info
Level Required:
Location: Dwarfhold
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: fixed
Monster List: Albino Bat
NPCs: Geopetal
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In:
Total Experience: 100
Total Gold: 180
Total Reputation: 100 dwarfhold rep
Equipment Won: ? Upper City Key
The key is allmost complete! But I need to cut the key blade to precisely match the tumblers in the keyhole. Only problem is, I don't have the material soft enough to fit into the keyhole and cast an imprint! Talc is the softest mineral in all of Lore, and should do the trick nicely. Track down the Albino Bats in the mines. The bathe in Talc powder daily (which makes them even more white0, so one of the vats should have a Block of Talc at their disposal!