Sword of Nulgath (Pet)

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This is the pet type of Shadow of Nulgath, for the monster, click here.

Sword of Nulgath (Pet)
You realize Nulgath himself can communicate directly to you through this sword. To wield a weapon through will alone requires much power. This sword holds many secrets.
Level Required: 1
Member Only: Yes
Founder Only: No
Location: Reward from Purchase Sword of Nulgath Quest
Buy Price: Cannot be bought.
Sell Price: 500,000 Gold

  • You can click on the hilt of the blade to get some of Nulgath's quests
  • You use the blade to get the Oblivion Blade of Nulgath, which is the same blade but you can only get the quests yourself.
  • Became a Battle Pet upon the release of Necromancer (Class)
  • It only works as a battle pet for Necromancer (Class)
  • Will only hit zeros with skill command undead in Necromancer (Class)


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