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/join temple

Important Text

Well met, Hero. Hast thou come to learn how to defeat the Paladin Slayer, Vordred? The ruins of this temple holds the secrets you seek! Head down into Crypt to discover the secrets of Doomwood.


Galvanize the Guardian (only if you finish all quest on the area) AVAILABLE AFTER CLEARING THE CRYPT

  • Sadness fills your mind.*I...know it is a great request I ask of thee. But, should thee find a Basilisk's Scale and a Scroll of Magic Inversion on any of the Crypt monsters, please...bring them to me and merge them. Thou wilt have created a Scroll of Cure Pertrification.


I have been guarding this temple with vigilance since the days when Lady Celestia illuminated us with her teachings of good and truth. The fates have seen fit to ever allow me to remain here at my post.

~What did this to you? Beware of the Skeletal Geomancers my friend. They cast magic that can turn even the most seasoned warrior into stone.

~Lady Celestia? She was the most kind and pure healer in all of Lore. Her belief in the good of mankind never faltered. She was the head of this temple until it fell to the undead. (Note: Lady Celestia can also be found in the game DragonFable where she is in SunBreeze Grove.)

~What is this place? This was once The Temple of Light. Before the undead came to DoomWood, it was home to many Paladins, Healers and young orphans who had no other place to go. (More) We trained the orphans who showed potential to become Paladins, knights with healing powers who could protect the world from evil. (More) Lady Celestia had a keen eye for those with the gift. She was always right. Did you know she was the one who found Artix? (More) It was many years ago that she brought a young boy named Artix to the Temple's orphanage. She requested that we train him in the arts of the Paladin. But not matter how hard we tried the poor boy could not use the healing or light base powers. (To know more about Artix visit the Stone Paladin in the temple. He will always be there. Thank you.)


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