Skeleton (Pet)

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Skeleton (Pet)
This pet's a real bonehead!
Level Required: 1
Member Only: No
Founder Only: No
Location: N/A (Obtained from the skill Summon Minion)
Buy Price: N/A
Sell Price: N/A
The skeleton is the first battle pet in aqw. It is a temporary item and can be summoned and stay with you throughout the time you are logged in. You cannot summon more than one. If you equip another pet, whilst the skeleton Battle pet is out, it disappears, the the pet you equiped will appear, but skeleton still stays in your temp inventory. You CANNOT equip it from your temp inventory, you have to then use summon once again to re-equip the skeleton. It has the same attacks as doomwood skeletons, a stab and pounding the ground.
Skeleton (battlepet).png