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This is the NPC type of Sek Duat, for the monster, click here and visit Sek - Duat click here
Sek Duat


The immortal mummy and God-King of the Sandsea. Sek Duat is an immortal mummy lich who was blessed with eternal life yet cursed with being undead and poses as his own heir time after time. He knows more about the Sandsea than anyone, thus why the players and Zhoom track him down to seek advice from him on how to combat the power of Zahart's Djinn Tibicenas.

To get the advice they needed, the players had to chase after and catch Sek Duat by participating in the Carpet Chase minigame after fighting through his army of Mummies and Anubis Deathguards. After catching him and afterwards interrogating him (even at one point thinking about trading him to Zahart himself for something unless he told them the way to defeat Tibicenas himself, which of course frightened him because he was afraid of him), he would finally reveal that the only way to defeat a Djinn was with another Djinn, and he believes that he knows where they can find one.

Leading them to the Cave of Wanders, he stands by as the hero and Zhoom clear the path to the lamp containing a supposed Djinn and show it to him. Unbeknownst to the two, however, Sek Duat is secretly planning to steal the lamp and use it to rule the Sandsea for himself.

Sek Duat at Pyramid



  • Immortal Mummy


Important Text

Encounter with Sek Duat Cutscene

The hero and Zhoom meet Sek Duat in his throne room.

  • Sek Duat: I should have known that you'd track me down eventually, Zhoom.
  • Zhoom: Actually my friend did all the tracking.
  • Sek Duat: Excellent, another hero come to save the Sandsea from my rule. But you forget, Zhoom... I live forever. I can RUN forever and reclaim my throne once you are dead!

Sek Duat begins to fly away on his magic carpet.

  • Zhoom: We HAVE to catch him before he escapes the pyramids! Quickly, get on that red magic carpet and chase him! I'll hold him off.

Sek Duat Caught Cutscene

The hero continues chasing after Sek Duat on his/her magic carpet. Sek Duat looks behind himself to see the hero and blasts a bolt of light energy at it, which the hero dodges. As the two fly closer to the window, Zhoom is seen hanging on the ceiling by his legs, aiming his bow at the two of them.

  • Zhoom: HEADS UP, HERO!

The hero nods and readies itself as Zhoom fires his arrow. The hero bats the arrow into Sek Duat's magic carpet, knocking him off of it. As Sek Duat falls towards the floor, the hero catches him with its magic carpet. Later, the hero and Zhoom have brought Sek Duat to the Sandsea Oasis in shackles.

  • Sek Duat: Once again, you prove what a nuisance you are, half-breed.
  • Zhoom: It's good to see you too, mummy.
  • Hero: I thought your mom was dead...
  • Sek Duat: Can we skip the puns this time? I am Sek Duat, god-king of the Sandsea. Bow before me, mortal!
  • Hero: uh... No thanks.
  • Zhoom: This thing has ruled the Sandsea for centuries posing as his own heir, time after time. He is also responsible for hunting my people, the sand-elves, into extinction. I should kill him for that crime alone.
  • Sek Duat: You may have led the revolt against me, but it would take more power than you have to finish me, boy.
  • Hero: What use is this monster to us, Zhoom?
  • Zhoom: He has lived a LONG time. He knows more about the Sandsea than anyone.
  • Hero: Ah, so he might know how to defeat Zahart and his Djinn?
  • Sek Duat: HAHAHAHA! If I knew how to defeat Zahart, why would I have hidden in my secret chamber when he sent Tibicenas after me?
  • Zhoom: Then you are of no further use to us.
  • Hero: Maybe we can trade him to Zahart for something?

Sek Duat becomes frightened by the hero's thought and backs away.

  • Sek Duat: You... you wouldn't DARE! I AM THE GOD-KING OF THE SANDSEA!
  • Hero: You're just a bag of bones hiding in a comfy room.

Zhoom grins.

  • Zhoom: So the immortal does fear something. Interesting.
  • Sek Duat: There might be a way... but you must take me with you. Do we have a deal?
  • Hero: Deal... now spill it, bandage face.
  • Sek Duat: You can only defeat a Djinn... with another Djinn. ...And I believe I know where we can find one.

Sek Duat at Wanders



  • Immortal Mummy


  • Zhoom has already begun exploring the Cave of Wanders. The cave is enchanted to confuse anyone who might seek its treasure... a magic lamp. I've searched for years but peharps you will have better luck. It was once a meeting place for the Djinn but when they abandoned the cave, it was taken over by corrupted Kalestri Worshipers.
  • Kalestri is a very ancient goddess of death but not an evil goddess. When her worshipers arrived in Sandsea and found this place, something dark corrupted their spirits. These creatures and their pets are extremely dangerous now. You must free them from the evil before we can proceed.


Important Text

Zhoom's "Death" Cutscene

  • Hero: That was not NEARLY as hard as I expected.
  • Zhoom: Did you really think you could defeat both of us, mummy?
  • Sek Duat: FOOLS!

Sek Duat stands up.

  • Sek Duat: Did YOU really believe I would lead you here and just hand over the power of a Djinn?! I simply needed you both in the same place!

Sek Duat blasts a bolt of light energy, which the hero dodges by ducking under. The bolt knocks Zhoom over to the edge of a cliff, and he is hanging onto its edge.

  • Hero: Zhoom!

The hero runs over to help Zhoom but is too late as Zhoom loses his grip and falls to what appears to be his demise. The hero watches in horror as he does so.

  • Hero: NO! He didn't die for noth...

Sek Duat blasts the hero off the edge of the cliff and takes the lamp.

  • Sek Duat: Finally, after centuries of searching...

Sek Duat blasts the ceiling of the cave and causes a cave-in. He then holds up the lamp in triumph.


Unknown to him, the lamp suddenly switches places with a simple rock, but he doesn't care. The scene shifts over to the hero and Zhoom, who are still alive and now have the lamp with them.

  • Hero: What's his deal?
  • Sek Duat: HAHAHAHA!
  • Zhoom: I slipped him the Dreamdust. He probably thinks he killed us and got the lamp.
  • Hero: Pffff. As if.
  • Zhoom: Should we just leave him here, lost in the cave?
  • Hero: He's immortal, right? He has the rest of forever to figure it out.
  • Zhoom: Good point. Let's go...

Scene zooms in on Zhoom's face.

  • Zhoom: ...We have a Djinn of our own now.


  • He originally appeared in DragonFable where he was also an NPC, as well as a fightable enemy. In AQ Worlds, when you first encounter him, you play the mini-game and chase after him to finish the race before he escapes. Later on, you'll get to fight him for real in the Cave of Wanders.
  • His mask is available as a helm in the Sandsea Reputation Shop, which you can buy once you are at Sandsea Rank 8. His cape and armor are item drops from his monster self in the Cave of Wanders.
  • When he was designed for AQW, his artwork was based on that of the very first lord of Chaos, Escherion. He has the same monster animations as Escherion, too. This makes Sek Duat somewhat of an Escherion clone. Also, the Sandsea is connected to Chiral Valley from Mobius, where Escherion is encountered, so that makes plenty of sense.