Roy "G" Biv

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Roy G. Biv




Roy "G" Biv (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet)

Important text

Before finishing his Quests

Bless you for trying to save me rainbow. When the big old Horc ran off this cliff, I dropped me bag of shoemaker tools. I can't be makin' shoes if I have no tools, now can I? I'm pretty sure that when I dropped me bag that those wolves made off with it. If you can track down all my tools I'll be sure to reward you handsomely at the end... but not before.

After finishing his Quests

Now that you've gotten rid of that monochrome and his cannon,and Lucky Harms isn't so lucky anymore, all the leprechauns can live happily ever after. 'Tis likely those poor rats will go back to their normal colors. Thank ye from the bottom of my heart. Every time you see a rainbow, remember Roy G. Biv!


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