Public Testing Realm

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Public Testing Realm
The PTR is a separately set up server used by Artix Entertainment to test totally new features. Originally it was used to test new PvP and stats functionality and apparently the relevant parts of the game were fully rewritten. The PTR was online for short periods of time, till the point enough information about bugs was gathered. The first test ran on november 6th, but was closed quickly due to processor usage. 5 days later on 11 november it was reopened for the second test run. After testing these features are to be integrated into the main core game engine.
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Exits to:
Shops and NPCs
Shops: None
Quests & Monsters
Monsters: none
  • They use two items, Scroll of Chain Lightning(max 9) and Health Potion(max 9).
  • There have been glitches where you will have 11111 of either Scroll of Chain Lightning or Health Potion.
  • The new pvp includes a general with 50000 hp who looks like the black knight, some brawlers to defend captain (or general) and two, recovers to heal the captain (when you defeat one the captain loses some power).
  • The Prepared Strike, Decisive Strike combo still works in the PTR, but the amount of mana regained is little, so the combo loses some of it's power in battle. You find yourself very quickly with out mana
  • As of 2/20/10, all daggers are dual-welding, Unarmed, Polearm, and Dagger animations are updated. According to Minimal, gun animations will soon work.


  • [Moderator](xitra) Battleon!
  • [Moderator](Artix) Battleon!
  • [Moderator](xitra) O_O
  • [Moderator](Artix) Xitra..... is your name..... mine... backwards?
  • [Moderator](xitra) !!!!
  • [Moderator](Zorbak) Meh... quiet down you two. Some of us are trying to slay werewolves that are slaying vampires!
  • [Moderator](Gravelyn) Save Chuckles!
  • [Moderator](Safiria) Save Chuckles!
  • [Moderator](Chuckles) Save me!
  • [Moderator](Safiria) Do a /cheer if Safiria server is the best server in the game!
  • [Moderator](Zorbak) Meh... Mine is better. Just sum-buddy turned the talking off.
  • [Moderator](Safiria) Do a /cheer if Vampires are BETTER than werewolves!
  • [Moderator](Constantin) Hah! Do a /backflip if werewolves are BETTER than vampires!
  • [Moderator](Safiria) Only one way to settle this...
  • [Moderator](Constantin) *Growls* Yes. An all out PvP war in 2 weeks
  • [Moderator](Safiria) Vampires vs Werewolves.....
  • [Moderator](Constantin).... and only one shall emerge victorious and that is my side.
  • [Moderator](Zorbak) Meh... my server is still better.
  • [Moderator](xitra) Just so you know, this was the only server (safiria) that saw those messages.
  • [Moderator](Two weeks.... until the PTR launch and the Vampire vs Werewolf battle!) undefined
  • [Moderator](Xitra) ... and hopefully a lot of bug fixes!
  • [Moderator](Xitra) Battleon!

Goals of this Test:

  • PvP- They created a two frame PvP test map. This is strictly a functionality test, new artwork and maps are on their way. You can attack other players and slay the enemy commander to earn points for your team. Press "X" to see the PvP Menu.
  • Walk around to different maps
  • Test all armors, items, pets
  • Battle monsters
  • Regenerate Mana with your updated classes
  • Test Shops
  • Test Rep
  • Test Chat
  • Test Emotes
  • Test Housing
  • Test new Classes that will only be available in PTR.Such as : Necromancer and Vampire Hunter.
  • PvP Functionality: The Battleon maps has another design, that allow players to join the pvp zones.

The player has to select the pvp button or go to the pvp portal to be queued for the zone and, when the warzone opens, he join a group that has to defend their captain and defeat enemy's.

  • Stat bar: Stats are now available in PTR click the little blue man on the bottom right of you're screen. All items come with stats like Dragonfable and Mech Quest
  • Skill bar: The last skill slot can now be used. In Bludrut Brawl arena you can buy potions or scrolls of Chain Lightning to equip in this slot;
  • Player Menu: The server has a menu that allows player to modify and work with their stats but actually its not implemented permanently. (on last release was first tested)
  • Regeneration and classes powers: Each class gives you a different level of hp, and too, regens mana depending of the abilities it has.

They are the following:

  • Warrior-Paladin-Dragonslayer-Peasant-Clawsuit:

These classes give players 1128 hp and regens mana by hitting enemies, or being struck by enemies. They get more mana back on a critical hit.

  • Berserker-Proto Sartorium-Rustbucket-Enforcer:

These classes give players 908 hp and regens mana only when they deal damage, and they get more mana the lower their maximum HP are relative to their level.

  • Mage-Sorcerer:

These classes give players 948 hp and regens mana on auto-attack hits, and spell critical strikes.(Infusion increases the chance to regen).

  • Rogue-Leprechaun-Pirate:

These classes give players 908 hp and regens mana every time their poisons deal damage to an enemy, and every time they dodge an attack.

  • Healer-Acolyte:

These classes give players 1108 hp and regens mana with two abilities. Those are:

  • Healing Word gives mana to the Healer when the target of the spell is struck in combat.
  • Energy Flow gives to the Healer when the target strikes an enemy in combat.
  • Ninja-Assassin-Barber:

These classes give players 948 hp and regens mana if they strike an enemy while being out of combat themselves. Also, Shadowburn will give mana back if the Shadowblade aura is NOT present on the target.

  • Area of Effect Attacks (AoE):

Paladins and Proto-Sartorium classes can damage all enemies in range with Blinding Light (Paladin) and Pulsewave (Proto-Sartorium) abilities. Many more AoE attacks are on the way as classes are redesigned to be more fun and more powerful!(from PTR server page).

  • On the latest release, the staff start to test the sixth skill, with two items inside a shop that was just inside the new pvp area, bludrut brawl.