Know Thy Enemy

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Location info
Level Required: Level required, if required (automatically defaults to 1)
Location: Banished
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: N/A
Monster List: N/A
NPCs: Knave1
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: Desterrat Moya Found x1
Total Experience: 600 XP
Total Gold: 600 Gold
Total Reputation: None
Equipment Won: None

Void is a bit confusing so here is where Desterrat Moya can be found:

(From the start, where you can find Knave1) Go Straight, left, left, up, right, up, and up
Alright, Hero. We've got to work fast and batle hard if we're going to save Lore from the Desterrat Moya. Whispers say he feeds on the hopes of supplicants' but loses strength when his minions die. Find him and take out any of his followers that get in your way.