Hip Bone`s Connected to the Back Bone

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Location info
Level Required: 1
Location: Necromancer University (join necrou)
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: Doomwood Soldier
NPCs: Professor Bonevert
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: x3 Hip Bone
x3 Back Bone
Total Experience: 1600
Total Gold: 1600
Total Reputation: 1900 DoomWood
Equipment Won: Primitive Bone Axe
You students aren`t help to what`s hip these days. You think we`re all old curmudgeons. I`ll tell you what`s *hip*, DOING YOUR WORK! so go out there and take apart some poor freshman`s skeletal soldier-minions and bring back the parts so we can study what joins independent body parts together. Bring back hip bones and back bones. NOW!