Flowers for the Birthday Gal

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Location info
Level Required: 1.
Location: Frostvale
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation:
Monster List: Cactus Creeper, Lotus Spider
NPCs: Beleen
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: *Fandango Flower x5
  • Lotus Flower x4
Total Experience: 50 Exp.
Total Gold: 50 Gold.
Total Reputation: Any.
Equipment Won: Fuchsia Dye x8, Magenta Dye x3
Awwweeee! You wanna bring me flowers for my birthday? *blush!* How thoughtful! Some of my favorite are the super hot pink Fandango Flowers and Lotus Flowers. I heard that Fandangos Flowers are grown on Cacti while a certain species of spiders growns Lotus Flowers on their back. But where to find them? You're ganna have to beat up baddies to find 'em, duh! Bring me 5 Fandangos Flowers and 4 Lotus Folwers and I'll reward you with 8 Fuchsia Dyes and 4 Magenta Dyes!