Evolved ClawSuit

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Seasonal Rare
This item was from a special event (Frostval, Mogloween, etc.) and will return the next year the event comes back.



  • Level: N/A
  • Member Only: Yes
  • Description: The Evolved Clawsuit is an unexpected (and unwanted) gift to all the naughty beings of the world. You spread more damage than cheer -- and are incredibly good at it. Merry Frostval!
  • Location: Member evolved from Class Shaped Giftbox 11
  • Buy: 1 Gold
  • Sell: 1 Gold


Evolved ClawSuit
Attack skil.jpg

Auto Attack

Description: A strong attack, known only to disciplined fighters.

Use: Auto Attack

Mana Cost: -

Unlocks at: Rank 1

Swing Time: 2 seconds



Description: A quick damaging attack. Applies 'Naughty' debuff, making this attack stronger, stacking up to four times. If 'Nice' is present, it is replaced by frostburn, a DoT effect on the target.

Mana Cost: 20 mana

Unlocks at: Rank 1

Cool down: 3 seconds



Description: A weak attack that heals the caster slightly. Applies 'Nice' debuff, making this attack stronger, stacking up to four times. If 'Naughty' is present, it is replaced by Holiday Cheer, a HoT effect on the caster.

Mana Cost: 20 mana

Unlocks at: Rank 2

Cool down: 3 seconds


Check The List

Description: If the target is 'Naughty', deals heavy damage and applies Lump of Coal, lowering target haste. If target is 'Nice', applies Blitzens Blitz, increasing caster haste and damage done while reducing damage taken. Does not consume 'Naughty' or 'Nice'.

Mana Cost: 40 mana

Unlocks at: Rank 3

Cool down: 6 seconds


Arctic Stamina

Description: Reduces incoming damage by 30% and increases outgoing damage by 20% for 8 seconds.

Mana Cost: 50 mana

Unlocks at: Rank 5

Cool down: 30 seconds

Passive Skills

Passive Skill.png

Workshop Master

Description: Increases STR and INT by 10%

Unlocks at: Rank 4

Passive Skill.png

Spiked Nog

Description: Critical Strike Chance increased 5%

Unlocks at: Rank 4


  • This class does 100% base damage (Unless you've unlocked "Workshop Master") every 2.0 seconds with any weapon.
  • Was Class Shaped Giftbox until 1/1/11 when it turned into Evolved Clawsuit Class.
  • This class can deal high amounts of damage if you keep using naughty(around 500-700)(1000-1300 crit)
  • A good combo you can use is to apply Nice, then use Check the List followed by the repeated use of Naughty. Blitzens Blitz increases damage and Naughty already deals high damage.


  • Class: Fighter/Spellbreaker
  • Helm: Fighter
  • Cape: Spellbreaker
  • Weapon: Fighter/Spellbreaker
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