Escherion's Helm

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Escherion's Helm
Here is proof you defeated the very first Lord of Chaos! (color custom helm/hood)
Level Required: 1
Upgrade Required: Yes
Equipment Type: Helm
Location: A drop from Escherion in his area.
Price: Cannot be bought (drop).
Sellback: 12,500 Gold

Used in the quest from Drudgen the Assistant called "Supplies to spin The Wheel of Chance" Additional Information:

Now this is required by Swindle to spin the wheel.

It must be enhanced before use.

To reach Escherion you must complete the Mobius quest chain and all before and after it to then defeat the Hydra nine times to attain it's teeth and subsequently attain all the runes holding the tower up in the sky and complete the lake bonfire's quest to enter his area.

Part of the eye moves before you blink. It has colour customizable eyes and hood. The hood is linked to your hair colour. The Eyes are linked to your skin and eye colour. When the skin colour becomes darker, one of the light rings around the eyes becomes darker, and vice versa. Also the area of "eye tissue" around the cornea changes colour. When you blink in the helm, you can see another type of eyes that are also colour custom, such can be seen in the pictures below: