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Male and Female Dragonslayers


Class Overview

Dragonslayer is a focus class, specifically designed to hunt dragons and dragonkind. They are specialized warriors.

Mana Regeneration: Dragonslayers gain mana when they:

  • Strike an enemy in combat, more on crits.
  • Are struck by an enemy in combat.

Favorable Stats:

  • Strength, increases attack power and critical strike chance.
  • Endurance, increases total hp, giving more survival.
  • Dexterity, increases haste, hit chance and evasion chance.
  • Luck, increases critical stike damage.


Dragonslayer Skills
Auto Attack.png

Auto Attack

Description: A strong attack known only to disciplined fighters.

Use: Auto Attack. Damage is increased by attack power.

Mana Cost: -

Unlocks at rank: 1


Bane of Scales

Description: Taunts a dragon, forcing it to attack you, while reducing the dragon´s damage dealt with all attack by 30%. Lasts 10 seconds

Effect: Reduces the attack of a dragon by 30%, and also forces it to attack you and ONLY you for 10 seconds.

MP Cost: 10

Unlocks at rank: 1

Cooldown: 16 seconds



Description: Causes 200% Damage Over Time for 12 seconds, and has a chance of stunning the target for 4 seconds.

Effect: Causes 200% Damage Over Time for 12 seconds, and has a chance of stunning the target for 4 seconds.

MP Cost: 30

Unlock at rank: 2

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Scorched Steel.png

Scorched Steel

Description: A fiery attack dealing 210% weapon damage.

Effect: Hits the enemy for 210% weapon damage. Damage is increased with attack power. Counts as magical damage.

MP Cost: 24

Unlocks at rank: 3

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Talon Twisting.png

Talon Twisting

Description: If used in combat with a dragon, 50% damage done to you will be added to your attacks. Lasts 8 seconds.

Effect: 50% of damage dealt to you is also added to your attacks for 8 seconds.

MP Cost: 15

Unlocks at rank: 5

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Passive Skills

Unlocks at Rank: 4

Passive Skill.png


Passive Ability: You deal 10% additional damage with physical attacks.

Passive Skill.png


Passive Ability: Damage taken reduced by 10%


  • Dragonslayer does 110% damage with all weapons, so its DPS is on Par with the Berserker Class.
  • First and fourth skill only affect dragonkind. Only Impale and Scorched steel work on non-dragons.
  • Galanoth uses this armor.
  • If you equip Cardinal Cloak or Red Cape, Dragonslayer Helm and Dragon Blade, you'll look like Galanoth.
  • Not counting skills, this class does the most damage per second (50DPS with lvl 10 weapon, compared to 45 with the warrior)
  • Once was good for PvP because it has a higher chance to stun, since you can use all the skills.
  • Dragons and Dragon-kind monsters will attack the dragon slayer class more than other classes.
  • There is a rare derp armor version.
  • There is a glitch that allows you to open Galanoth's Shop without finishing
  • Due to improvements in the best pvp class Balanced in unstable weapon and luck all.

User:Nafets, User:Miguelalex.

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