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The Hall of Fame is back!

My apologies for my absence, there was thing going on in life. However, I'm back and the Hall of Fame is still active. After a big round of applause for Isa who maintained it well, we have much to do! Don't forget, we can still hand out factions and track your clan wars for everyone to see, so come on and give it a shot.

~Phantom//SysOp//My Talk

Clan Rules

  • Clans must not require a Password; your Clan and the Creator will be banned immediately.
  • Clans must have at least 5 Members (New Clans are given a period of 7 Days to recruit 5 Members).
  • Clans must remain active, the leader of the clan or appointed member must at least make 1 edit to their Clan per 90 Days.
  • Clans must have a Member List linking to their Members' Character page.
  • Clans cannot restrict Members from joining based on Items that are Rare (Not Obtainable).
  • Clan Leaders cannot lead more than 1 Clan; any leader who is doing so will get all their Clans disbanded.
  • Clans will be banned if the leader has more than 2 bans on their account.
  • Clan Leaders cannot appoint anyone who is not a member of their clan to edit for their purposes.
  • Clans must not promote, display or participate in the activities of Hacking, Cheating, Private Servers or Trainers.
  • Clan Leaders or appointed members must edit at least 15 Content Pages (Game Items) per 90 Days, or the Clan will be banned for Inactivity.
  • If you wish to add your Clan to the list - please contact a member of the Wiki Staff.
  • A Wiki Staff Member must not use their rights for the benefit of their Clan; all staff have the same rights as every user on this wiki.
  • Clan Leaders and Members must not flame, harass or insult other Clans.
  • Clan Leaders are responsible if one of their members breaks any of these rules.
  • Clans may not insult a Wiki Staff Member if their Restoration Request is turned down.
  • Clans cannot advertise their clan anywhere on this Wiki.
  • Clan Names are not allowed to use Special Characters and Names.

Clan Restorations

  • If you wish to restore you clan please take your time and post here.
  • Read the rules above first and remember, Clans Leaders have a period of 1 Week to restore their Clan.

Clan Prefixes

  • Clan Names must have a 'Clan:' Prefix before their actual Clan Name.
    • So a Clan named 'Mooing Moo' should be named'Clan:Mooing Moo'.

Clan Achievements

  • Clans cannot take Achievements from the Hall of Fame without permission; they are appointed to you by Hall of Fame staff.
    • If a Clan has won an Achievement they may not display the Achievement until a Hall of Fame Member has posted on his 'User talk:' or 'Clan talk:' page.

Clan Wars

  • Clan Leaders cannot call war unless there is a valid reason (friendly wars are acceptable).
  • Official Clans Wars may only be conducted when you have informed the Hall of Fame - to do so post here.

Clan Protections

  • Clans must follow the rules above to gain Protection.
  • Clan Protection Requests may be made on this page.

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